When you invent a term and everyone copies it, you have to re-invent yourself.

Access coined the term Destination Management Company, or DMC, over 50 years ago. Since then, not much in the industry has changed. Until now.

Million dollar parties, out of this world decor, and experiences you’ll never forget; these are all things Access has provided to their clients for over 50 years. As the leading Destination Management Company in the country, they coined the term DMC and continue to redefine what that means over and over again.

Access came to FRNDS to bring a new identity to their brand that reflected their authority in the industry. Working with Max Hofert Design, we built a revolutionary identity for a stagnant market.

The Industry you’ve never heard of.

The destination management  industry is filled with a small group of companies acting, saying, and doing the same…. except for Access. Access has been pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a DMC for over 50 years and they continue to do so, every single day. Their previous identity didn’t reflect their current brand, a lot has changed since they opened their doors, except their brand identity. They needed a refreshed identity that reflected their forward thinking approach to smash the status quo of the industry.

The Future of

Working hand in hand with the Access team, their current and future goals were revealed.We knew that we needed to build an identity that withstood the test of time, positioned them as thought leaders, and pushed the boundaries of the industry. Starting with a new logo, we created a custom “A” that highlighted movement and connection while anchoring on a sturdy base.

Bringing forth a new color palette was critical to stand out in the industry, we brought forth a mixture of both bright and earthy tones to highlight the boldness of the brand. Their new identity needed fonts as daring as their approach, which is why we utilized a highly contrasted serif display font complemented by a mono-linear geometric sans-serif packed with personality and detail.

They Go The
Extra Mile

Access has prided itself on always going the extra mile for their clients, and we needed their identity to showcase that. Developing a heavily textured and hand drawn icon and illustration set, we highlighted their personable yet professional tone.

Lastly, we created a visual representation of movement through three dimensional tubes that stand for the transportation from concept to execution working with access. Each individual design piece contributes to an identity as unique as the brand.

Lets Work Together