Client Overview

Chillin is a CBD edible company based out of Dallas, TX. Chillin has innovative blends providing you with the highest quality of CBD that is gluten free, non GMO, THC free, and GMP tested. Their gummies are mixed with CBN, CBG, Vitamin b12, Melatonin, and more to create a perfectly executed gummy for everyones needs.

Our Role

Logo Design
Brand Identity
Package Design
Product Photography
Digital Advertisment


Logo Design & Brand Identity

Chillin came to FRNDS with nothing more than a name and a product. FRNDS researched the CBD market and target demographic heavily to build out the brand strategy and create a logo that appealed to a wide audience, represented a high quality product,  all while staying approachable.


Package Design

The CBD market is heavily saturated, so FRNDS knew that they had to create something that stood out on the shelves, caught consumers eyes, all while representing Quality. With custom illustrations and hand lettering, to corresponding color gradients to the flavors, FRNDS accomplished that goal.


Product Photography

Every new brand needs to showcase their product in the most appealing and eye catching way possible. That is why FRNDS agency created thumb stopping content for print, digital, and social media channels to introduce the brand to the public.
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