Walmart released kangaroos in store, we made it make sense.

The home security industry wasn’t built for the masses, but Kangaroo believes everyone deserves to be safe in their home.

With costly hardware, hefty installation fees, and high subscription rates, most people have been locked out from making their homes safer. Our client Kangaroo looked to open the door and provide a simple and affordable home security solution for all.

Kangaroos’ partnership with Walmart gave it the perfect platform to share its democratic approach to home security.  But getting their ‘security for all’ message across was not going to be an easy task in a crowded retail environment with an audience that wasn’t necessarily looking for a solution.

No tools or tech degrees required.

From our perspective, we needed to turn the ‘not for me’ obstacles into passionate selling points for the Kangaroo Solution.

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Our content approach focused on positioning Kangaroo at the forefront of simplicity and affordability, while also creating versatile branded content that was used across multiple touchpoints.

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We also understood we would need to take the message from ‘shelf to parking lot’ engaging this reticent consumer before they engaged with the physical product.  By creating versatile branded content, we consulted with Kangaroo on a cross platform media buy that geo-targeted consumers before entering the store, building brand recall and increasing the probability of purchase at point of sale.

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